Hannah Rudstam

Director of Training
Northeast ADA Center


Hannah Rudstam is the Northeast ADA Center's Director of Training. After completing her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin---Madison, Hannah worked as a program planner and evaluator at the Royal Adult Learning Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Back in the U.S., she became a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Wisconsin, researching a state-wide health risk prevention program in Wisconsin. After re-locating in the upstate New York area, she took a position as a Senior Organizational Development Consultant at United Technologies and then at Eagle Consultants in Syracuse. In this capacity, she designed tools for hiring, performance management and employee development systems. Also, she developed a turnover prevention program that has been adopted by a number of national and global organizations. In 2005, she took a position as Senior Extension Faculty with the Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. She has primarily worked for the Northeast ADA Center (formerly known as DBTAC) project and has designed and implemented programs on a broad range of topics related to disability and employment. Most recently, she has focused her work on researching the role of face-to-face leaders in disability inclusive workplaces and on preparing employers for a workforce that includes veterans with disabilities.