Lainey Feingold

Law Offices of Lainey Feingold


Since 1996, Lainey Feingold, a 1981 graduate of Hastings Law School has had her own law practice in Berkeley, California. Lainey is a disability rights lawyer who works primarily with the blind community on technology and information access issues. She is nationally recognized for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements and for pioneering the collaborative advocacy and dispute resolution method known as Structured Negotiations_ Using this method, and without filing a single lawsuit, Feingold has helped negotiate more than 50 legally binding national settlement agreements on accessible information and technology with some of the largest institutions in the United States, including American Express, Weight Watchers, Bank of America, Wal-Mart, Major League Baseball and CVS. Feingold is a regular presenter at the International Technology and People with Disabilities Conference (CSUN), has taught disability rights classes at Bay Area law schools and has written and spoken extensively on disability rights issues around the country. Detailed information about her practice, Including settlement agreements and press releases: is available on her website at She is active on Twitter at @LFLegaland is currently writing a book about Structured Negotiations.