Pierce Crowell

508 Program Manager
Social Security Administration (SSA)


Pierce Crowell is Section 508 Program Manager and manages the Social Security Section 508 Program to ensure that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is accessible to employees and members of the public that have a disability. He led the effort to develop and release SSA's first open-source project called ANDI (Accessible Name and Description Inspector). He set program goals, priorities, draft policy, develop and maintain processes, and provide approval authority. He maintains and disseminates Agency-wide compliance reporting for component executives and strategic planning. He develops Agency-wide skills, knowledge, and expertise through formal training, self-instructive tools, and influencing the curiosity and ambition of staff members. He provides expert level guidance and consultation on policy, processes, methods, legal matters, and technical standards. He develops methods and nurtures a culture necessary for modernizing project management and more rapid methods of development that are inclusive of accessibility and 508 compliance. This includes 508 project support and tasks in Agile projects, DevOps environments, and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery product management (CI/CD). He oversees and improves the Section 508 procurement program, 508 solicitation approval process, improve post award accessibility contract management methods, and integrates contractually required acceptance testing into the project life cycle. He also contributes to inter-agency accessibility communities of practice to share best practices, harmonize methods, and improve the overall federal accessibility landscape.