Sandhya Rao

Vice President of Training and Special Event


Sandhya Rao grew up in Houston and attended Rice University where she majored in psychology and behavioral science. She then went on to Stanford Law School and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1994. After law school, she started working as a staff attorney in the Federal District Court. She performs research and writing on various constitutional issues for two federal judges.

Sandhya is the Vice President of Training and Special Events for the nonprofit organization iBUG Today. Since 2011, Sandhya has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Lighthouse of Houston. In 2015, Sandhya became the Secretary of the Braille Revival League of Texas (BRLT).

She enjoys reading and playing the piano. Sandhya has a rare brittle bone disease called Osteo Petrosis. She uses a motorized wheelchair to prevent fractures. Her life experience with being blind and in a wheelchair has fortified her commitment to breaking down barriers for the blind community and empowering them with various forms of accessible technology.