Harshid Trivedi

Android Insight Facilitator


Harshid Trivedi, originally from Zambia, grew up around a hospitality centered environment in Central Florida. He had usable vision as a child and was paired with a TVI and experienced learning with large print materials in school. In college, Harshid leaned into more magnification to supplement his learning needs. He studied information technology and management & supervision. He worked at Lighthouse Works/Lighthouse Central Florida lastly. He also worked for his college’s Disability department, including the business and computer department along with the admission center.

Harshid uses various Android devices, including the Samsung devices S5, Note5, S8+, Note9 and the Google Pixel 4XL. With these experiences with the technologies, he volunteers teaching others going through sight loss. He has found groups within social media to share his knowledge with assistive technology. He joined iBUG Today in the spring 2020 and became a facilitator of the iBUG Android Insight program in June 2020.

Harshid enjoys listening to technology podcasts and various genres of music including modern music with quite a bit of live instruments and eclectic styles from around the world. He also enjoy various foods, cultures, and people which brings gratitude and a willingness to take his journey to a potential that benefits all.