Mandy Bagwell

ADA Coordinator
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration


Amanda (Mandy) Bagwell is the ADA Coordinator for the Family and Social Services Administration’s Office of Healthy Opportunities. Within this current role she works along fellow team members to address all policies and best practices for the agency through a health and equity lens. Ms. Bagwell addresses current policies for the divisions of FSSA to address any concerns from an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) perspective and an overall accessibility perspective. Ms. Bagwell also assists in the investigation of ADA and accessibility related complaints both internally for FSSA employees and externally with constituents that are being served.

Ms. Bagwell has over four (4) years consulting, advising in ADA related work experience. Such experience includes presenting at Stetson College of Law, speaking to privet law firms regarding accessible web-based platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic, performing Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) remediation as an independent contractor, and working within Vocational Rehabilitation focusing on the blind and low vision population, and individuals with disabilities reentering the workplace learning their rights under the ADA, and teaching these marginalized groups how they can obtain and maintain employment despite having disabilities. Ms. Bagwell holds her J.D. from Valparaiso School of Law and has taken pride in explaining the ADA in lay language to encourage employers, educators, and disabled individuals in using a team approach to make the workforce accessible. As part of her efforts, she was named as one of Indiana University Kokomo’s top female alumni in 2021 for her goal of desiring to have more equity in the workplace.