Jeremy Warriner

Consultant; Inspirational Speaker; CEO
Walking Spirit & Spirit Therapies, LLC


Jeremy Warriner is an Indianapolis native who holds a Bachelor of Science in Consumer & Family Sciences from Purdue University with an extensive career in the Hospitality Industry. He also holds a Black Belt in Shorei-Goju Ryu Karate. Jeremy worked as an Operations Director and Assistant General Manager across multiple markets and full-service hotel brands for over a decade. In 2005 Jeremy sustained severe burns in a car accident that required the amputations of both legs from above each knee. This traumatic event led Jeremy to redefine his path as he accepted his newly added identity and culture as a Person with Disabilities.

Whether walking on next-generation prosthetic legs or utilizing a wheelchair, Jeremy is an active member of his community, founder of Walking Spirit & Spirit Therapies, LLC, charter member of the international Rotary Club for World Disability Advocates, and a devoted husband & stepfather. His passion is enhancing our communities through assessments, consulting, training, and support focused on Accessible Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging from a Disability Lens. Jeremy’s current projects include adapting Karate to his disability, providing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) focused training as a certified member of the national ADA Trainer Leadership Network, facilitating the virtual Disabilities & Conditions of Aging Network in central Indiana, and writing a book about his experiences adapting to life as a bilateral above knee amputee and burn survivor. He can be reached through his website at, or by email at

Walking Spirit & Spirit Therapies, LLC provides three services. Two are geared towards all organizations that touch the public sector; Accessible DEIB Consulting & Support Services, and Inspirational Speaking Services, both of which apply lived experience as a person with a disability to a myriad of topics and disciplines. The third service, Quality of Life Adaptability & Advocacy Coaching is available for any Person with Disabilities or family affected by Disabilities which begins with a one-hour complimentary conversation.