Sally Conway

Deputy Chief, Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice


Sally Conway is Deputy Chief, Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. She is assigned to the Division's Disability Rights Section, which is responsible for providing technical assistance about the requirements of titles II and III of the ADA, investigating, and, where necessary, litigating title I, II, and III complaints, and certifying state and local building codes. Holding Bachelor's and Master's degrees, she has worked in the fields of disability and civil rights for more than 20 years. Ms. Conway has conducted training sessions, workshops, and presentations on the ADA for representatives from the public and private sectors as well as people with disabilities throughout the country. Ms. Conway is responsible for the Department's wide-reaching ADA Technical Assistance Program. This includes the ADA Business Connection, the development of new technical assistance materials, and the ADA Information Line, which assists more than 50,000 callers each year in understanding the requirements of the ADA. She also oversees the Department's innovative ADA Mediation Program, which provides businesses, state and local governments, and people with disabilities an efficient, effective, and voluntary alternative for resolving complaints under the ADA. She also serves as Congressional Liaison for ADA and other disability-related matters. Prior to coming to the Department, Ms. Conway was Program Director at Granite State Independent Living in New Hampshire. She has also worked as an investigator for the N.H. Commission for Human Rights (the state agency responsible for enforcing federal and state anti-discrimination laws), as the Director of Medical Social Work in a hospital, and as a music teacher in the public schools.