Mark Schultz

Special Consultant to Interworks
San Diego State University


Mark Schultz is a special consultant to Interworks at San Diego State University, where he is on the faculty for the National Rehabilitation Leadership Institute, He formerly served as the commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration at the U.S. Department of Education, during which time he was also delegated the duties of assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services (OSERS). Prior to joining the department, Schultz served as a deputy commissioner at the Nebraska Department of Education, where his division included the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Office of Special Education. Prior to his role at the Nebraska Department of Education, Schultz served as both the director and associate director with Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation, director of the Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership, and as a barrier-free design specialist for the League of Human Dignity, a Center for Independent Living. He has also served as a president of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation and a member of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Information Technology Steering Committee.