Advanced Accessible PDFs - Part 1. Building Accessibility into Source Documents

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The secret to creating accessible PDFs is to build accessibility into the source information, well before the final PDF is created. This session will look at how to prepare your source documents, such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint so that the requirements for an accessible PDF are built-in from the ground up. We will discuss the correct use of styles and structured markup, as well as other elements such as images and graphs when planning for accessibility.

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RTF   Advanced_Accessible_PDFs_Part 1_Building_Accessibility_into_Source_Documents
PDF   Advanced_Accessible_PDFs_Part 1_Building_Accessibility_into_Source_Documents(2 Slides Per Page)
PDF   Advanced_Accessible_PDFs_Part 1_Building_Accessibility_into_Source_Documents (3 Slides Per Page)
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Judith Stark, Accessible Information Technology Consultant , Pacific ADA Center