Accessible Technology Webinar Series Speakers

Adam, Paul
Accessibility Evangelist
Deque Systems

Avila, Jonathan
Chief Accessibility Officer

Berg, Peter
ADA Technical Assistance Coordinator
Great Lakes Center

Blew, Christy
IT Accessibility Specialist
University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign

Brinkhoff, Julie
Great Plains ADA Center

Brougher, Mary
EVP, Operations
Employment of People with Disabilities Bender Consulting Services Inc.

Campbell, Jonathan
Assistive Technology Specialist
Minnesota State Services for the Blind

Cannon, Aaron
Lead Accessibility Engineer, Co-founder

Care, Greg
Brown Goldstein & Levy LLP

Cassel, Karl
Client Development Consultant

Cavazos, Jessica
Health Educator
Minnesota Department of Health

Curtis-Davidson, Bill
Co-Director and Senior Consultant
Partnership on Employment & Accesible Technology (PEAT)

Delisi, Jennie
Accessibility Analyst
Office of Accessibility

Dikter, David
Executive Director
Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA)

Dolson, Joseph
Accessible Web Design

Dowdy, Heather
Accessibility Solutions Engineer
Motorola Mobility located Libertyville IL

Drake, Ted
Global Accessibility Leader

Dzumba, David
Accessible Telecommunications Lead
Nokia U.S

Elia, Esq, Albert
TRE Legal Practice

Feingold, Lainey
Law Office of Lainey Feingold

G., Ana
Blogger, Podcast Cohost

Gifford, Mike
Founder and President
OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

Groves, Karl
Founder and President

Gunderson, Jon
Division of Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES) University of Illinois

Israel, Maya
Associate Professor of Educational Technology
University of Florida

Johnson, Barry
Senior Consultant
Deque Systems

Jones, Robin
MPA, COTA/L, ROH, Director & Instructor
Great Lakes ADA Center

Jordan, J. Bern
Research Scientist, Trace R&D Center, College of Information Studies
University of Maryland

Lash, Todd
PhD Student
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Lazar, Jonathan
Professor, College of Information Studies
University of Maryland

Lund, Beth
Technology Accessibility Specialist
Ashford University

Nagle, Gabrielle
Community Marketing Specialist

Neal, Albritton
Chief Executive Officer

Paciello, Mike
Founder and President
The Paciello Group (TPG)

Perron, Amy
Assistive Technology Resource Specialist
the State of Minnesota STAR Program

Petri, Ken
Director of Accessible Technology
Ohio State University

Rayius, Paul
Training Manager

Rodriquez, Sue Ann
Lead Accessibility Specialist
WeCo Accessibility Services

Romanotto, Melissa
Accessibility Team
MSF&W Consulting

Ruh, Debra
Founder and CEO

Schwanke, Marsha
Web Specialist
Southeast ADA Center

Schwartz, Paul
Rehabilitation Engineer and Assistive Technology Manager
University of Wisconsin-Stout

Smith, Jared
Associate Director

Spalter, Jonathan
Chairman, Board of Advisors
Mobile Future

Stark, Judith
Accessible Information Technology Consultant
Pacific ADA Center

Thomas, Pamela
Information Technology Accessibility Analyst
Information Technology Services Syracuse University

Thompson, Terrill
Technology Accessibility Specialist
University of Washington

Tobias, Jim
Inclusive Technologies

Treviranus, Jutta
Inclusive Design Research Center-OCAD University

Van Gerven, Clara
Access Technology Content Specialist
National Federation of the Blind

Vanderheiden, Gregg
Professor and Director of the Trace R&D Center, College of Information Studies
University of Maryland

Voorhees, Mychal
Health Communication & Training Specialist
Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM)

Wehrman, Lynn
President and Director
WeCo Accessibility Services

West, Frances
IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center

Wiener, Diane
Research Professor and Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Programs
Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University

Wilkie, Nick

Wlodkowski, Tom
Director of Accessibility

Wyant, Jay
Chief Information Accessibility Officer
Minnesota State CIO Office

Zak, Nathan
Accessibility Team
MSF&W Consulting Inc.