High Quality Apps for Accessibility

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Both Apple's App Store for iOS and Google's Google Play Store for Android have over a million apps available to download for their various devices. That's a lot of choices! In this session Jonathan Campbell will talk about and share some of the best apps for accessibility. You'll learn about high quality apps for reading, writing, communication, and more. We'll explore apps that can be used to magnify print documents for low vision, read books out loud for individuals with dyslexia, and identify objects for the blind. With over a million apps available we'll look at some the best needles in that giant haystack. Learning Objectives: Learn about standout accessibility apps in the Apple iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store Learn about apps that can assist with access to digital materials Learn about apps for accessing the world around you

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Jonathan Campbell, Assistive Technology Specialist, Minnesota State Services for the Blind