Android is Accessible. Really

Originally aired September 25, 2014


Most people in the blindness community know Apple devices are accessible, but many don't realize other mobile devices also include off-the-shelf accessibility. This presentation discusses the level of accessibility available on Android to people who are blind or have low vision. It focuses on the accessibility services, settings, and apps routinely used by the eyes-free Android community to work with their phones and tablets. The level of detail is suitable for people interested in the operating system, comparable to what is found in a quick-start guide. Session Objectives: Android is accessible. TalkBack, BrailleBack, and Explore by touch are accessibility services available to people who are blind or low-vision. Android is customizable. Features and settings associated with screen readers in other platforms are available to Android users through third-party apps. Android is original. Google's approach to things is a little wild and a little experimental. It's approach to accessibility is no exception.

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