Building Drupal's Solid Accessibility Defaults

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Drupal 8 is the most accessible CMS in the world. Not that it's perfect, but the approach we have taken has done a lot to make 3% of the internet more accessible by default. As we all know, accessibility is complicated & although the principals stay the same, the details do not. In this webinar, Mike will be touching on some of our accomplishments incorporating HTML5, WAI-ARIA to build a modern, responsive, semantic framework. He will also touch on efforts to introduce ATAG 2.0 AA enhancements to improve the authoring experience. By centralizing our approach to accessibility we are able to produce more stable, predictable and future­ compatible sites. The approaches Drupal has used can and should be used by other software platforms. It just requires people to think bigger and bolder about addressing these challenges

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Mike Gifford, Founder and President, OpenConcept Consulting Inc.