(Dis)abling Comics, “Cripping” the Comic Con, and Accessible Technologies

Originally aired July 18, 2019


This webinar will feature Research Professor Diane Wiener discussing (Dis)abling Comic Books, an Honors seminar taught at Syracuse University, inspired by and based upon the disability-themed “Cripping” the Comic Con (“Crip Con,” for short) the only international, interdisciplinary symposium of its kind in the world. In Spring 2019, the course will be offered for the 4th time and the 6th “Crip Con” will be coordinated by Professor Wiener with myriad university and community partners. Both the course and the symposium focus on disability arts and culture, and their implications, as underscored by:

  1. Representations of disability as they appear in comics and related media

  2. Comics and related media as produced by (dis)abled artists, writers, editors, producers, etc.

  3. The ways that these media are (and, in some cases, are not) accessible to divergent constituents, readers, and participants who have disabilities.

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Diane Wiener Research Professor and Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Programs , Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University