Chris M. Law, PhD

Executive Director
Standard Accessibility Reporting, Inc.


Dr. Law is the Executive Director of a new nonprofit member organization with a mission to develop industry consensus standards for accessibility reporting. The purpose of the organization is bridge a current information gap, and allow consumers to know how accessible a technology product is prior to purchase, allow businesses to know whether their apps and websites are considered accessible by a standardized measurement system, and allow anyone making a purchasing decision to compare products and services on a standardized, like-for-like basis.

Dr. Law is a well known practitioner in IT accessibility testing field, and an expert in organizational behavior with respect to accessibility programs. His consulting firm, Accessibility Track, runs two annual conferences: The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit (in the Fall), and The ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium (in the Spring). Dr. Law earned his doctorate in Business from RMIT University, Australia, in 2010.