J. Bern Jordan

Research Scientist, Trace R&D Center, College of Information Studies
University of Maryland


Dr. J. Bern Jordan has worked in the field of accessibility and universal design for 14 years as part of the Trace R&D Center. His work with Trace has included the development of techniques for cross-disability access to public ICT, analysis and contributions to accessibility standards and regulations, the development of hands-on accessibility training workshops, and research into automatically generating personal, one-size-fits-one interfaces and adapting devices to meet user needs and preferences. His research interests are in the areas of accessibility, human-computer interaction, and user-centered design. Jordan has 10 granted and pending patents relating to access to kiosks and touchscreen interfaces. As part of technology transfer and support, he has worked with over a dozen companies and other organizations on improving the accessibility of public kiosks and other ICT products.